Key Mom-to-Be Tips

Key Mom-to-Be Tips

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey leading to a destination that can change your life forever. As parents, it is a natural innate instinct to want to do whatever is best for them and their baby. Keeping this in mind, team Athreya have compiled a few key tips that can be useful for moms-to-be! Exercising is an important habit that can come handy and contribute to a healthy pregnancy. One can join pregnancy exercise classes or ensure that they go on a walk for at least 15-20 minutes everyday. However, it is crucial to not overdo it, so the best way to strike a balance is to listen to one’s body. Standing for long periods of time can add risk to the parent’s safety.

It is crucial to educate oneself about the process and stages of pregnancy, and ways to make oneself and their offspring have a safe and comfortable experience. Even if it isn’t their first time being pregnant, every pregnancy journey is unique to itself, and deserves a complete understanding of one’s needs and possible courses of action.
One must try every possible way to eliminate toxins from their lifestyle. Activities such as smoking, drinking, and other forms of substance abuse must be strictly avoided, as their
consequences often involve a deep impairment in one’s offspring at birth or later life.

Reducing one’s intake of caffeine is also necessary. Avoid doing chores that use toxic chemicals such as  bathroom cleaning, of cleaning after pets. Divide your chores with your partner or family, and try using cleaning agents that are less toxic than the norm out there. Standing for long periods of time, especially near the stove can become an added risk factor.

It’s also important that one visits the doctor to check the compatibility of their previously prescribed medications with their current status of pregnancy. Pregnancy makes one’s skin more sensitive to sunlight, which makes using sunscreen a healthy habit to inculcate. Many brands have recently brought up chemical free formula sunscreens that are safe to use during
pregnancy. Besides these, maintaing a healthy diet, recharging with fruits, wearing comfortable clothing, and attending one’s doctor appointments regularly are specifically recommended. For more information, tips, and medical assistance with your pregnancy, visit Athreya Hospital and let our expert team of gynaecologists and neonatologists aid you!

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