A pediatrician is a medical professional who focuses on treating children from birth until age 17. Pediatricians are medical professionals that specialize in the diagnosis, care, and treatment of infants, children, and teenagers. They treat illnesses as well as the physical, mental, and behavioral growth of the kid.

 At Athreya Hospital we have experienced medical professionals with top qualification and experience to treat to you effectively , with care and professionalism.

Paediatricians Are Important In A Child's Life!

  • Examines the child physically
  • Experts in treating your child’s health
  • Treats mild to severe infections & Injuries
  • Controls the spread of infectious disease
  • Assists in growth & development of your child's abilities and behaviour

Few common Childhood Illnesses

Common cold & fever

Urinary Tract Infection


Ear Pain

Skin Infection


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