‘Dengue-like Fever’ Cases Surge in Bengaluru Children: High Temperature, Drop in Platelet Count, Say Doctors

Doctors are following treatment protocol for dengue fever despite negative reports. They said parents, on observing symptoms like high fever,

Amid the massive surge in dengue cases across the country, there have also been concerns about inaccurate test results. Doctors have come across instances of false-negative dengue test reports

A surge in dengue-like infections has been witnessed in Karnataka’s tech capital Bengaluru with children especially those under the age of 10 are most affected,

Bengaluru is facing a surge in dengue cases, with over 4,000 reported instances in the past few days, with a significant increase in infections among children.

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BENGALURU: More than 4,000 dengue cases have been reported in the country’s tech capital in the past few days. But what has set alarm bells ringing is the rise in the number of infections among children.