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Please wash your hands, or sanitize them regularly. Wear a mask when you step outside, and avoid close contact with others, especially sick people. If you fall ill, isolate yourself from others and stay indoors. If you suspect you might have COVID-19, maintain distance from others and contact medical assistance.

An ENT specialist has expertise in identifying any abnormalities in the functioning of your throat, nose, and ears. Most people face everyday problems with nasal congestion, a respiratory infection causing sore throat and cough, and ears being blocked by earwax, and can be solved with a visit to the ENT.

Exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, keeping time for recreational activities like meditation and Yoga, and reducing salt intake can help maintain your blood pressure. Get regular checkups and monitor your blood pressure from time to time.

Aging, exposure to loud noises, heredity, occupational noises, and prolonged usage of devices like earphones and headsets can cause hearing loss among people today.

A sprain is an injury to soft tissue or ligament, while a fracture is an injury to the bone. Besides, a sprain usually occurs with no noise, perhaps a ‘pop’ sound. However, one could hear a cracking sound when a fracture happens.

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