Our Athreya physiotherapy and rehabilitation department has been providing fantastic post operative rehabilitation results. Our philosophy is to help people – help themselves recover from injury, getting the body back in balance or improving their sports performance. When people move better, they feel better and therefore, work and play better. Athreya Physiotherapists will help you improve the quality of living.

We also see a wide range of conditions in the areas of musculoskeletal/orthopedic, neurological/developmental, cardio respiratory and psychological health in children. We also provide treatment, management and education to enhance the participation of children of any age. Our physiotherapy department is the first contact point for child development issues including appropriate play, physical activity and biomechanical. Our physiotherapists use a range of approaches that are individually tailored to each child’s needs. This may include exercise program, postural management, bespoke orthotics, walking aids and other specialist equipment. Our physiotherapists work in partnership with parents, Pediatricians, Orthopedic consultants and surgeons to deliver maximum recovery and support for your child’s condition.

Athreya Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation department also focuses on the concerns the physical disabilities of the senior citizens. The process of ageing is often complicated by several physical conditions and disorders like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hip and joint replacement, balance disorders, incontinence and so on. Our expert team helps those affected by such problems and many others which may be directly or indirectly related to old age. We have developed a specialized program to help restore mobility, reduce pain, and increase fitness levels of the patients who, like all of us, deserve a dignified and independent life.

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